Friday, March 29, 2013

Wow. Sounds like things were great at Barnes farewell. I wish I could've heard!! I can't wait to see pictures! Tell him I love him. Our ward really is so great. Tell them hello for me. Also tell all "the neighborhood girls" I say hello. The hiking sounds fun! I miss seeing Mountains. We had weather like that here too. Only it was 80's and the next day 30's! Let me know how the trip went.Training is good, I actually have done it before, they just barely started sending out letters. My companion is so great. I've been blessed to always have wonderful companions who are always my friend, and give me strength when I'm weak.
We had such a great lesson the other day. We've been teaching a woman who has come from a dark past. She's made huge changes, long before we met her, and continues to make changes as we're meeting with her. We had a lesson the other day, and felt impressed to focus on the gospel of Jesus Christ. We started by teaching that through the gospel we can be clean from sin. The spirit was strong, and then we movd into teaching about faith and repentance. As we talked about these first principles of the gospel the spirit was very thick. Before long she told us a concern that we've never heard from her. We've been meeting with this woman for about 4 months now. She said, "even though I've left that life behind for some reason I just can't feel worthy. Like, when I go to church it's not really me and who I am." She said "I know His forgiveness is real, but my old life is what I was raised to know, it's hard for me to feel like it's not who I am, even though I don't do those things anymore." My heart almost broke, when I heard this. If she only could see herself the way God see's her. If she could only know who she really is. It takes my breath away.
We were lead to very specific stories to share from the scriptures. The spirit continued to grow stronger. Then our team-up bore testimony of a similar experience and how powerful the atonement is. They both began to cry and I knew the Lord was telling our friend within her own soul, that His forgiveness is real. It's amazing to see the atonement at work so constantly. It was at work the moment we walked into the home and we said the prayer. It was at work as the spirit settled into the room. It was at work when she told us her concern, and we were guided with what to share. It was at work as the spirit testifed to and touched her heart. What a beautiful lesson it was.
We had another one with Jewel as well. We watched the restoration and the spirit was so powerful. We got down on our knees and prayed 3 times during the lesson, for the Lord to reveal to Jewel the truthfulness of our message. She cried in all of her prayers, and the spirit testified to her heart that our message is true. I can't describe the sweet and beautiful feelings of power, peace, and testimony that fill the room when we teach- but it's a remarkable experience every time. It fills and satisfies the soul of every person in the room, if they will open their heart to it.
Sister Forbush and I are learning from on high how to teach with greater convincing power of the spirit, and how to discern the thoughts of our investigators. What a marvelous work we are engaged in. What a wonder it is to see hearts changed and convinced of the Lords message. I know these experiences are real, and that they came from the Lord and his imparted spirit. I've witnessed the Lord communicate to hearts that Joseph is a prophet, the Book of Mormon is His word, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is his restored church once again upon the Earth. It will come to all who sincerely seek the answer. Of this I know and testify, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
I love you all. I know He lives.
Sister Lewis

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